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Discover What FOLIO Can Mean for Libraries

Post by Tamir Borensztajn  in  Open Access

On Thursday, January 12, 2017 2:00 pm EST (GMT-05:00), Harry Kaplanian, Senior Director, Product Management, EBSCO Information Services and Peter Murray, Open Source Community Advocate, Index Data will present a webinar, entitled FOLIO—A new library services platform built for innovation.

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Webinar on February 22: User Empowerment, Interoperability, and the Story of Seton Hall University

Post by Rachel Freeman  in  EBSCO Discovery Service, Open Access, Partnerships

There’s an important difference between a Web search and research. An effective discovery solution can provide your users with a real research solution, as the story of Seton Hall University demonstrates. In this webinar you will learn how the partnership of EBSCO and Seton Hall Univeristy allowed the pairing of EBSCO Discovery Service and WorldShare Management from OCLC. The result is a research solution that works for everyone from front-end users to library administrators.

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디스커버리와 ILS 솔루션 간의 정보 처리 상호 운용이 가능하게 하다 : 다시 보기

Post by Rachel Freeman  in  EBSCO Discovery Service, Open Access, Partnerships, 한글 - Korean

EBSCO와 ByWater 솔루션은 고객들에게 더 많은 선택을 줄 수 있도록 파트너가 되어왔다. ByWater 솔루션은 세계 최초 무료 오픈소스 ILS인 Koha를 이용하는 도서관을 지원하고 서비스 구현이 되도록 도와주는 미국의 선두적인 제공기관이다. 또한 EBSCO는 100개국 이상의 8,000명이 넘는 디스커버리 고객들을 포함하며 전세계적으로 도서관들에게 있어서 선두적인 디스커버리 서비스 제공자이다.

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Library Systems of the Future Trend Towards Openness and User Experience

Post by Rachel Freeman  in  EBSCO Discovery Service, Open Access, User Research

Library management systems are evolving. A recent article from Research Information, “Openness and user experience guide future library systems” by Sharon Davies, investigates today’s library management systems and discusses the experience librarians and researchers have with these systems. The article also reveals future trends.

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Considering Library Users in “Next-Gen” Technology

Post by Clive Wright  in  EBSCO Discovery Service, Open Access, Partnerships

As I nostalgically look back at the year 2014, I see that I have had the privilege to meet hundreds of librarians in Europe and Latin America, and have frequently engaged in conversations concerning “next-gen” integrated library systems (ILS). The concept of next-gen is always interesting in that the definition is ambiguous and very much dependent on the goals of individual institutions.

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Choice Tops 2014

Post by Neil Block  in  EBSCO Discovery Service, Open Access, Partnerships

If we are to pick a theme for 2014, it may be “choice.” This sounds like a broad concept but it is, in fact, very concrete. With an ever-growing array of software applications, from next-gen ILS to discovery, libraries can choose what works best. And they can do this thanks to a key technological and business concept that has defined the software industry and has enabled choice: “extensibility.”

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