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Post by Tamir Borensztajn in EBSCO Discovery Service

Welcome to the Discovery Pulse blog. This blog is dedicated to everything discovery from technology news, to industry perspectives, and product updates.

At EBSCO, we are dedicated to innovation in web scale discovery. We have more than 300 technical staff working on discovery alone and have a leading position in the market with over 6,000 implementations to date of EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS). As we expand our offerings, and deliver further product enhancements, this blog will serve as an additional source of information from our various teams: product management, development, discovery innovation, and research and user experience. And of course, EBSCO librarians, as well as ILS and other partners, will contribute as well.

This blog will also be a place to learn about the wider trends in our industry. We will ask questions around today's user expectations and behaviors. We will look at questions of content accessibility. We will discuss the partnerships that shape our industry. And we will discuss technology and best practices; interoperability with third-party solutions and services, prediction and relevance in search, and e-resources administration, just to name a few.

We trust that this blog will serve as your trusted source of information around discovery. We look forward to your readership.

Tamir Borensztajn, MLS

Vice President, Discovery Strategy

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