Tips for Customizing EBSCO Discovery Service for Students

Post by Deirdre Costello in User Research

On EBSCO’s User Research team, we work hard to understand students’ research habits. In the course of our research, we’ve seen students succeed and we’ve witnessed them struggle. Sometimes it’s a matter of vocabulary, or of something just not working the way they expect it to – and sometimes it’s a matter of students feeling like they don’t know how to do research the “right” way, then losing their confidence.

In response to these pain points, we’ve worked with EBSCO’s Customer Satisfaction and Discovery Services Engineering to put together these research-based best practices for customizing your instance of EBSCO Discovery Service. These tips focus on creating a good search experience for the novice user because, based on what we’ve seen in our research, novice users have a hard time with an advanced experience, while advanced users are often just fine a basic one - and if they want more advanced functionality, they’re comfortable finding it.

The settings suggested here will go a long way toward creating a good search experience for most users. If they don’t work for you, we’d love to help you figure out what will. If you’d like to work with us to do research at your institution, please email us at

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