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Considering Library Users in “Next-Gen” Technology

Post by Clive Wright  in  EBSCO Discovery Service, Open Access, Partnerships

As I nostalgically look back at the year 2014, I see that I have had the privilege to meet hundreds of librarians in Europe and Latin America, and have frequently engaged in conversations concerning “next-gen” integrated library systems (ILS). The concept of next-gen is always interesting in that the definition is ambiguous and very much dependent on the goals of individual institutions.

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Choice Tops 2014

Post by Neil Block  in  EBSCO Discovery Service, Open Access, Partnerships

If we are to pick a theme for 2014, it may be “choice.” This sounds like a broad concept but it is, in fact, very concrete. With an ever-growing array of software applications, from next-gen ILS to discovery, libraries can choose what works best. And they can do this thanks to a key technological and business concept that has defined the software industry and has enabled choice: “extensibility.”

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Relevance Ranking and Discovery

Post by Tito Sierra  in  EBSCO Discovery Service

Relevance ranking, defined as the order in which relevant search results appear on a result list, is critical for delivering a quality discovery experience. When users conduct a search, they naturally expect to see the most valuable results first. So, how does a discovery service determine what is a relevant result?

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University of Johannesburg Implements EDS via Encore Duet

Post by Rachel Freeman  in  EBSCO Discovery Service, Partnerships

South Africa’s University of Johannesburg has implemented EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) from EBSCO via Encore Duet, Innovative’s discovery solution. The university chose EDS for a simplified and streamlined search and for the relevant results found in EDS searches. “The EDS rollout was done seamlessly with no negative impact to our users. We are pleased with the excellent support from EBSCO during and after implementation,” says Janina van der Westhuizen, a librarian at the university.

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Discovery Day Camp Brings Librarians Together to Collaborate on E-Resource Technology

Post by Rachel Freeman  in  EBSCO Discovery Service

It’s not every day you get a highly talented group of librarians together in one room to talk information literacy and discovery technology. But that’s exactly what organizers Alicia Virtue, Electronic Services Librarian at Santa Rosa Jr. College and Sam Williams, Regional Sales Manager at EBSCO accomplished with Discovery Day Camp.

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