Oliver Pesch

Chief Strategist

Oliver Pesch, Chief Strategist, EBSCO

Oliver Pesch has served as Chief Strategist for EBSCO’s e-resource access and management services since 2004, and has long been one of EBSCO’s leading technical experts. In this capacity he helps set direction for EBSCO’s products. Oliver also devotes a considerable energy to the creation and promotion of library standards through frequent speaking engagements as well as through his “Spotlight on Serials Standards” column in Serials Librarian.  Currently, he serves as co-chair of NISO’s SUSHI Standing Committee and the Executive Committee for Project COUNTER as well being a member of several standards committees. He previously served as the NISO Board of Directors Chair in the 2008-2009 term, as well as interim director for part of 2014. Oliver joined EBSCO in 1986.

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