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Impactful advancements come from successful research. Successful research comes from relevant information.

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EBSCO Discovery Service® is an enterprise research platform that ties the most relevant content in the most meaningful way every time your employees search for information.

Tie It All Together

For Your Users and Your Resources

Say goodbye to frustrated users and say hello to a robust search experience

EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) provides a single search box for users to quickly find relevant results that are credible, comprehensive and current, saving users valuable time.

A harmonious relationship between discovery and delivery

The platform employs a comprehensive relevance ranking strategy along with a de-duping algorithm, result page limiters and direct links to full text, to provide users exactly the information they need, every time.

Efficiency and scalability

Both paid and internal resources will be displayed side by side leading to increased visibility and usage of your most valuable content. Our implementation team handles the development, customization and integration of your EDS platform, creating a tailored (and seamless) experience and an improved ROI for your resources.

Tie It All Together

With Features & Functionality


In-Depth Indexing

A robust collection of rich metadata for most indexed content, ensuring users obtain the most relevant search results for their queries.


Result page facets allow users to narrow to the most valuable content for their search.

Relevance Ranking

Utilizes numerous criteria, including term frequency, field weighting, exact field matching, and content attribute boosting, to provide the user with the most relevant results on the first page.


Expand results beyond our indexing using tools found in our App Store.

Segmented Search Display

Enhances the research experience for individual departments by allowing administrators to organize specific content types users are most interested in.


Customization options available for both the underlying collection of metadata, and for the front-end delivery of search results.

Third-Party Integration

Seamlessly integrates with SharePoint, CRM and other platforms.

Tie It All Together

With a Complete Research Experience


EBSCO Discovery Service’s research platform and content can be custom-built for your industry.





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